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Daycare and Coronavirus - Editor Opinion

Daycare and Coronavirus - Editor Opinion
Coronavirus (COVID19) has gripped the global community and disrupted many of our lives. There is a growing fear and uncertainty as to what comes next. What we've observed over the last three months is world that is trying to come to grips with a contagious pathogen that, while showing less numbers of mortality than previous viruses like SARS and H1N1, has gripped the world in ways which the Spanish Flu and pervious pandemics have.....

How to Advertise Your Daycare

How to Advertise Your Daycare

The best way to promote your business is to understand there is not one way that is going to work. You have to use several different means. I network with a lot of child care providers that always ask me how I do so well when the odds are stacked against me. The key is to get your name out there as much as you possibly can. Sooner or later the work will be done for you....

When is it TooHot or Cold for Outside Play

When is it Too Hot To Play Outside

Watching the weather is just part of the job for daycare providers. Planning for playtime, field trips, or weather safety is part of the daily routine. The changes in weather require the child care provider to attend to the health and safety of children in their care. What clothing, beverages, and sun screen are appropriate? Dress children to maintain a comfortable body temperature.....

Why Sick Kids Should "NOT" Be Allowed at Daycare

Nannyde - The Daycare Whispe

I came upon your article "Why Sick Kids Should Be Allowed at Daycare" published by Huffpost.As a veteran and expert child care provider, in my opinion it is important to address your article as it speaks to many of the common misconceptions Physicians have. My hope is that you will reconsider some of your viewpoints when you hear some of the concerns from the ladies on the ground who are caring for multi-level aged group children in these settings.....

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