Where Rice Comes From

Brown rice, Basmati rice, par-boiled rice, whole grain rice, there are a lot of different types of rice. Some are actually different types of rice, others are simply processed in a different way, causing them...

How Lactose Free Milk is Made – Lactose 101

This is a guest post by a fellow food technologist (in training), Shriya Kumar. She is currently working towards a Master’s degree at Wageningen University & Research and soon, a career in the food...

The Science of Cold Brew Coffee

This is a guest post by a fellow food scientist with ample experience in various categories of new product development: Nathan Silva. Feel free to connect with him on LinkedIn. Cold brew coffee has been taking...


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How & why a water roux improves your donuts

Great things happen in cooking when you use a technique that you would normally use for one application in a new and inventive way in something totally different. That’s why I was so curious to test out using a...

TaaiTaai – Dutch ‘cookie’ with rye flour

Only a very select few months (those before December) will you be able to find taaitaai in the stores. It’s a very seasonal sweet baked good, in between a cookie and a cake, with mixed in spices, mostly anise...